Documentary short film, 27 min, color, 2018.

Between 1990 and 2000, Route 60 that connects Medellín with Bogotá became a scene of terror and death. Armed groups disputed the area. Although many things have changed today, fear is still present among the population and the atrocious events remain hidden.

A project by: Museum House of Memory

Produced by: Animal Films

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 27 min.

Format: 2.5K Color

Spanish Language

Country Colombia

Year: 2018

With: Daniel Felipe Salazar

Alirio Antonio Yepes Gil

Ramiro Jesus Peláez Giraldo

Humberto Elías Mazo

Yxnardo Ardila Pulido

Direction: Wilson Arango

Script and General Production: Edna Sierra / Wilson Arango

Research: Museum House of Memory

Director of Photography: David Horacio Montoya

Sound Design: Carlos Arcila

Editing: Wilson Arango

Ruta 60 3
Ruta 60_03
Ruta 60_04
Ruta 60_05
Ruta 60 2
Ruta 60_02
Ruta 60_01
Ruta 60 1