THE MOTHER OF MOTHERS. Documentary short film, 14 min. B / W. 2016.

Thinking of making the most of the narrative and life-giving potential present in the image and in the word, I decide to build a portrait that tells us the facts, the chain of events that transformed Teresita Gaviria's life from a mother consecrated to her family to a mother activist, defender of human rights and victims; and to represent with the images, the journeys, the displacements and the rarefied reality that a victim might experience, who, like Teresita, goes through this experience. What is shown (in images) does not correspond to an illustration of what is told, rather it complements it.

La Madre de las Madres, is a documentary short film, which in general terms seeks to tell the story of a Colombian mother with a disturbed life after the disappearance of her son.

The life testimony narrated by this mother, a victim of the Colombian conflict, reconstructs the chain of events that led to her life changing completely from one moment to the next. This painful and tragic but exemplary story is the life story of Teresita Gaviria, leader and founder of the Caminos de Esperanza Madres de la Candelaria Association.

Teresita, leader of the group, and her group of mothers, share the same story. The Mothers of La Candelaria are looking for their missing sons and daughters, and all those loved ones taken from their home. They fight together, day by day, for 14 years, to cope with pain and endure the tedium of a life full of unanswered questions. These mothers joined forces to demand the truth, to demand that their loved ones live, free and in peace. The life story of Teresita Gaviria is the life story of Las Madres de la Candelaria, it is the reality that thousands of Colombian mothers and families face, families with a disturbed life after the disappearance of a loved one.

Direction - Wilson Arango

Production - Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango

Screenplay - Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango

Director of Photography - Camilo Gil

Art Direction - Edna Sierra

Editing - Isabel Otalvaro

Sound design - Carlos Arcila

Stop Motion Animation - Wilson Arango

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