Digital image. 100 pieces of 33 x 21 cms. 2017.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation regularly publishes the magazine Rastros, on whose pages are registered as a catalog (with images, descriptions, date and place) the garments and objects that have been found along with the remains from exhumed mass graves. This with the encouragement that those families who are looking for their missing loved ones, can identify some of these garments and thus, perhaps some of the remains can be named. One of the most common images in these magazines is underwear.

The undergarments found in the common graves gnawed by the passage of time, shocked me because I felt that there was the horror, the monstrous of the human, which was capable of reducing its existence to that. In these traces, traces that any man leaves simply for having existed, the transformation is evident for me, due to the extreme violence of the human-body, and in turn, of the social-body, and of the body-territory.