How we relate to death and barbarism is challenged by the images that surround us. Questioning ourselves about these models of representation brings us closer to understanding our human nature, because this is how memory is constructed, and in a country like Colombia, this is an urgent task at least.


From the real encounter with those who have lived the war in their own flesh, I am interested in their stories and their personal archives, to put them in relation to media images and to be able to explore with these materials, different ways of constructing memory. Therefore, with my work I seek to propose gestures, actions, and images that promote these processes.


This is how in my works, classic languages ​​converge such as: drawing and painting; with contemporary digital languages ​​such as: the cinema, the internet, and some programming languages, allowing me to generate interactive experiences where the viewer is active, and on many occasions the protagonist of the work. For example, in the ÁTLAS project, it is the viewer who activates and lives the work, having to remove sheet by sheet from the paper towers, to discover among them a series of images that they will never apprehend.





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I have been a professional filmmaker and plastic artist since 2006. I graduated from the Master's program in Documentary Film at the Universidad del Cine in Argentina, and obtained another Master's in Art at the Universidad de Antioquia. I have worked in a wide range of art and culture, research-creation, pedagogical and social projects, as well as in the creation of multiple film and video art projects. On several occasions I have been a winner of incentives for artistic and cinematographic creation. My audiovisual works have been presented in more than 45 festivals around the world. I love cinema, painting and experimenting with new technologies. I enjoy creating and working with people who share my passion for film and art.